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You already have a fantastic business and a great team of employees. Everything is working how it should and yet you can't scratch the itch that there could be more. Sure, people walk past your store front and see your flyers but, what about everyone else? Well, everyone searching for your services online, might not even know you exist... They are missing out on working with you. This is exactly what a great website can change. No longer feel left behind your competition. As a web designer that specialises in web design in cornwall I can deliver a website for your business that connects you with your clientele.

Benefits to your Business

Online Presence

No matter how effective your services are in your local area, if customers cannot find you with the most effective tool for finding businesses - the search engine, you might be missing out on those customers.

24/7 Salesman

Imagine if you could hire someone to hand out flyers and get new leads all day long... That would be expensive. Yet, with a website you could have your own round the clock personal salesman communicating with new customers.


Having a great website reflects well on your business. There is nothing worse than coming across a poorly designed website that doesn't work. It makes you wonder if that business is still even operating.

Stand Out

Your work already excels the rest. Now your website can too. Your ticket to having a website that you are proud to show off. Focus on running your business while your website represents you in the digital space.

Tell Your Story

Let everyone know why your business is unique. Show them what it is that makes you and your team different. Share the values that make up your business with the rest of the world.

Information Resource

Save money on leaflets and time by not needing to repeat the same information every single time. All your information about your services and business found in one place.

web design projects

Shopify Store

Landing Page

Multi-Page Website


Claire Thorp

Sati Design

Arek helped me migrate my website from Squarespace to Shopify and made the process easy and seamless, offering helpful advice along the way. His technical expertise are second to none and any limitations we encountered along the way were overcome using custom coding. I highly recommend Arek if you are looking for any assistance with your website!

Georgia Pine

Georgia Pine Yoga

Arek made the whole website creating process so easy. The initial information form was simple to follow and allowed me to use other websites as inspiration without having to explain anything technical. Arek provided a few first draft designs to choose from and all of them were brilliant. Any adjustments were made exactly as requested and quickly. For anyone who finds the prospect of creating a website daunting (or completely alien) Arek is the best. He explained everything simply and with so much patience and the finished website is better than I could have imagined. Arek even created a guide on how to upload blogs and make simple changes if necessary! I thoroughly recommend Arek/ Liminal.

Are you next?

Business of the Year

You are only one step away from having the website your business needs to thrive in the online world. Today could be the day you start your project. With all of the previous clients satisfied with their websites, why not be the next?


Everyone has a preference. If you need a website, you should be able to choose how you get one. With no hidden costs, choose the plan most suitable for you.





WordPress Web Design FAQS

The number of pages your website needs depends on your specific project. Typically, a custom and affordable WordPress site might include Home, About Us, Services/Products, Contact, and a Blog. However, we'll collaborate to tailor your site's pages for a responsive, SEO-friendly design that fits your unique business goals and engages visitors effectively while reflecting your brand identity accurately.
The time to design a website varies based on the specific requirements. For a responsive and SEO-friendly WordPress website, the process typically takes a few weeks from initial discussions to launch. However, more complex sites with bespoke designs or e-commerce solutions may take longer. The timeline also depends on factors like the availability of content (text, images, etc.), feedback and revisions, and how quickly decisions are made. Throughout, I prioritize clear communication and collaboration to ensure a high-quality, conversion-focused website within a reasonable timeframe.
Crafting content for your website involves understanding your business and what you want to convey to visitors. You'll play a crucial role in providing information about your services, products, or unique offerings. We'll work together closely to shape engaging and SEO-friendly content, aligning it seamlessly with the design for a compelling and informative website that targets local business needs. You know your business best, and I'll help shape that knowledge into engaging and effective website content. Throughout the process, I'll provide support, templates, and advice to ensure the content aligns seamlessly with the design, creating a compelling and informative website.
Deciding between a freelancer or an agency for your website project depends on your specific needs and preferences. Working with a freelancer like me offers a personalized experience, direct communication, and flexibility, ideal for businesses seeking affordable WordPress solutions. Agencies, with larger teams and potentially higher overhead, might offer a wider range of services but often come with a higher price tag. Ultimately, the choice depends on the project's scale, budget, and your preferred level of involvement.
Yes, to get your website online, you'll need both a domain and hosting. The domain, unique to your site, serves as its address. I can assist in selecting a domain name that suits your business. For hosting, tailored to your needs and budget, I'll recommend reliable options. Having your own domain and hosting ensures control and ownership of your website. I'll handle the technical setup to ensure everything runs smoothly, so your site effectively represents your business.